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IV therapy Hands-on Training

Jan 9-10

IV Therapy Training for Nurses

Price$490.00 Credits: 14.0 CNE contact hours

This peripheral IV therapy training meets the mandate set forth by most state boards of nursing for Intravenous Therapy Certification for LPNs.

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Jan 15-16

PICC & Midline Insertion Training

Price$780.00 Credits: 14.0 CNE Contact Hours

Upon completion of this small group hands-on training program, attendees may begin skill validation and competency assessment in a clinical setting according to the facility’s protocols

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Intravenous Therapy Refresher Program

Feb 7

IV Refresher & Skill Enhancement

Price$295.00 Credits: 6.0 CNE Contact Hours

This hands-on training program teaches to palpate and locate veins, precise techniques to insert peripheral catheters and expert tips to save sticks. Read More

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Feb 5-6

Home Infusion Nursing Certificate Program

Price$495.00 Credits: 13.0 CNE Contact Hours

Collaborating with home infusion therapy providers to manage patients with infusion therapies at home provides a pathway for home health agencies to enhance revenue.It is vital for home health nurses to have the knowledge and skills.

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Feb 12

IV Therapy for Medical & Dental Assistants

Price$295.00 Credits: Certificate of Completion

Medical and dental assistants may place IVs as delegated by a physician / dentist, except those states where it is specifically prohibited. This course will prepare attendees to initiate, monitor and discontinue IV fluids as delegated by a licensed professional

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Mar 13

Midline Catheter Insertion

Price$495.00 Credits: 7.0 CNE Contact Hours

This 8-hour workshop teaches clinicians to insert midline catheter with the accelerated Seldinger technique (AST). AST has an integrated design that reduces risk of contamination and promotes speed of insertion. Read More

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Jan 11

Use, Care & Maintenance of Central Lines

Price$190.00 Credits: 6.0 CE contact hours

This hands-on training prepared according to CDC guidelines to prevent CLABSI teaches everything clinicians should know to use and maintain PICC & central lines

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Mar 12

Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Catheter Insertion

Price$165.00 Credits: 4.0 CNE Contact Hours

Infusion therapy standards of practice recommends visualization technology for difficult IV starts. It is a vital skill for clinicians working in the ER, ICU, radiology and pediatric units.

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Phlebotomy and Specimen Collection

Feb 13

Phlebotomy & Specimen Collection

Price$165.00 Credits: 4.0 Contact Hours for Nurses

This hands-on training program enables healthcare workers to perform venipuncture and collect and process blood specimens for laboratory testing. Attendees practice venipuncture and specimen collection on an advanced venipuncture aid.

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Infusion Therapy Institute (ITI) is an intravenous therapy education company established and led by infusion therapy nurses. We provide group and customized on-site training for novices and advanced learners in all healthcare settings. Our mission is to promote evidence based infusion therapy practices and positive patient care outcomes through education, hands-on training, and collaboration.

About Our Programs

Our training programs are developed according to federal and state regulations, intravenous therapy standards of practice, and the center for disease control and prevention (CDC) guidelines for catheter related infection (CRBSI) prevention. Our education and hands-on training programs empower clinicians with the knowledge and skills required to perform intravenous therapy procedures with confidence and competence.

Our Clients Include:

  • Acute care hospitals
  • Transitional care facilities
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Dental Facilities




and Blood Collection

This hands-on training program enables healthcare workers to perform venipuncture and collect and process blood specimens for laboratory testing. During hands-on training, attendees practice venipuncture and specimen collection on an advanced venipuncture aid.

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Therapy Program

Our comprehensive Home Infusion Nursing Certificate Program is developed by home infusion therapy experts and geared towards nurses with little or no experience in home infusion therapy, as well as those who wish to advance their knowledge and skills in infusion therapy procedures.

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Insertion Training

Infusion Therapy Institute provides a comprehensive Ultrasound Guided PICC Line Insertion Certificate Program. It is a continuing education and hands-on training program developed according to the nationally recognized Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice.

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Certification Programs

This training program educates attendees on the insertion, maintenance, and care of vascular access devices (peripheral catheter). We also discuss the administration of IV fluids and medications as well as preventing and managing complications.

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I just finished the IV Certificate Program. I have to say that this was one of the best classes I have taken. I have learned so much and the class was actually interesting and fun. Your style of teaching is wonderful and I love hearing your experience. This lecture was not boring and was very informative. The hands-on training session was also helpful. I did not know the name of the nurse helping us, she did a wonderful job ans is also excellent instructor. I feel confident in my ability to start an IV after this program. I will definitely take more classes