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IV Therapy Certification

IV Certification

About Intravenous (IV) Therapy Certification

Intravenous therapy includes insertion, maintenance and removal of vascular access devices (VADs), administration of fluids and medications, patient assessment, prevention and management of complications.

Often RNs start the career with little or no training in the intravenous therapy. Most state boards of nursing permit LPNs to perform intravenous therapy procedures as delegated by a RN or licensed independent practitioner. Some states mandate specific training for LPNs and LVNs, often referred as “Intravenous Therapy Certification”.  It is important that nurses practice according to their state’s nurse practice act. Please review your state’s nurse practice act or your licensing regulations for details.  

Intravenous Therapy Certificate Program provided by the Infusion Therapy Institute is guided by nursing regulations, intravenous therapy standards of practice, and the CDC guide lines for catheter related blood stream infection prevention. It meets the mandates set forth by most state boards of nursing for IV Certification for LPNs. 

In addition, we have IV therapy programs geared to outpatient settings, medical and dental assistants, radiology technicians and allied healthcare professionals.  IV therapy refresher program assists clinicians to update their knowledge and skills.