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Rose is an excellent instructor and uses real-world experiences to illustrate important teaching parts. Very approachable.  – KAREN

I have taken similar courses 3 times and never have I walked away as much knowledge and confidence in my IV placement abilities:  – LATISHA

From start to finish Infusion Therapy Institute has been great: The midline insertion program is an excellent Program. I learned a lot today. Loved the hands-on part because I am a visual learner. – SHERRY

I just finished the IV Certificate Program. I have to say that this was one of the best classes I have taken. I have learned so much and the class was actually interesting and fun. Your style of teaching is wonderful and I love hearing your experience. This lecture was not boring and was very informative. The hands-on training session was also helpful. I did not know the name of the nurse helping us, she did a wonderful job ans is also excellent instructor. I feel confident in my ability to start an IV after this program. I will definitely take more classes  – MELANIE